Preventive Car Maintenance- Part I

Things you should think about when purchasing a car

European cars are generally more expensive. They are extremely high precision and performance vehicles. Hence the costs for maintenance might appear to be more than what you expected.  With an American or Japanese car, an oil change might run around $30.00 to $60.00. With an Audi, it could be around $300.00, and that’s for a ten-year-old car.  Imagine if it was brand new!!

Loeffler’s suggest researching the vehicle which you are looking to purchase. Look for things like:

  • Typical problem issues
  • When oil changes are needed, how much would they cost and how often should they be done?
  • What issues can be serviced at an automotive shop vs taking it to the dealer
  • What is usual wear and tear and how do you recognize when you need maintenance
  • Maintenance costs associated with the vehicle and engine type

Most repairs can be performed by automotive specialists like Loeffler’s. For issues that require components connected to chips and reprogramming you might have to take the car to the dealer.  Research what those services might include and the average price. If you have a really special car you might find that there are things ONLY your dealer can handle.

Otherwise, come to Loeffler’s…..our hourly charges are much more reasonable than any dealership.


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