Pay Me Now or Pay Me Later

Some readers may remember the Fram Automotive ads of several years ago.  They stressed the benefits of buying new air and oil filters for your automobile versus the very much more costly repairs that would occur if you didn’t replace the filters periodically when recommended.  Well, we at Loefflers European Automobiles say that Fram had it right.

It is especially important for the finely machined and tuned European Automobiles such as Mercedes, BMW, Audi, Volvo, Range Rover, Volkswagen and the like.  By changing the oil every 5,000 miles, using synthetic oil and high quality filters. and by performing regular service every 10,000 miles, your car will stay in condition, just like your body will, if you exercise regularly and eat wholesome foods.

What you do with your body will prolong or decrease your life.  What you do with your car will prolong or decrease it’s life.

Spend the time and a little money to bring your auto to us on a regular basis, rather than spend a lot of time and money later, when the car would require major repairs.


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